Monday, March 24, 2008


Sometimes I hate the internet. Mainly because I have become so dependent on it. Since last Wednesday, my Time Warner Road Runner cable modem has been down. Beep-beep. On top of that, the internet has also been down at my school. Doe!

With that said, I am now posting from my Dale dell (my Riverdell). I have had many brainstorm ideas for blogs with no place to vent. I shall let it all out now.

1. Uphill vs. Downhill

This has been bothering me recently. What is the difference between things "going all downhill from here" and then things "going all uphill from here." Aren't they both negative?

2. Miley Cyrus is Hannah Montana???

Honestly, up until about three days ago, I thought Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana were two different people. Like I thought Hannah Montana put Miley Cyrus up and now Miley was getting all the hoop-la. No joke. And the tour does say "Best of Both Worlds." I guess that's bullshit.

3. Self-Talkers

I really do not enjoy people doing personal things in public spaces and using it as a forum to narrate their actions. I was passing by a semi-bum female the other week who was obviously upset about a CD she misplaced in her bum cart. How did I know she was upset about that? Well, because she was loudly letting anybody and everybody within a 10 foot radius know about it. The worst was when she would pause for passer by's for the hope of them offering some sort of recognition and empathy for her dumb ass problem. But no, no one did... because no one gave a shit! Except for me. Enough to write this mini-blog.

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José said...

You're more empathic than you let on.