Monday, August 6, 2007

Why You Over There Lookin' At Me?

"Why is you over here lookin at me while all these girls up in here?
What you gay? Nigga Jay straight like indian hair..." -

I get stared at here and there by people. I'm not being cocky; it mostly occurs when I am on the subway and it is the males of the car that are doin' the lookin'. Par example:

I was on the train on Saturday night at about 11, drinking my happy drink and minding my damn business. Then, I notice by way of my scoping of those around me that the conductor of that specific subway car is not in his designated position inside one of those little rooms at the end, but standing outside of it. I realize later that he is doing this in order to go from car to car to open the doors on each side because the A/C goes from local to transfer stops pretty frequently.

Anyway, this guy, apart from opening the doors is also doing a lot of opening of his eyes in my direction. And what I mean is, EVERYTIME I looked over at him he would be looking straight at me. Staring. At. Me.

Now, I'll be honest with you, I don't like it when that happens and here's the reason: the only way I recognize that the dude is staring at me is by taking several glances
of my own in his direction. And what impression does that give off?? The last thing I want to give this freak is a reason to keep looking, or even to engage in some sort of awkward meaningless dialogue.

Regardless, he kept staring, and I would of course look over now and again. Well, you ask, why did you keep looking over if you knew he was staring? Good question. I was hoping that in my glance over I would give off enough information with my cold, hard, sharp-featured manner to say to him, "Hey there! Stop staring at me here." Needless to say, my strategy did not work and the staring continued... and it was just so blatant too!!


There is a second part to this staring story and it is a more generalized commentary. Do you ever notice that if you ever get stared at by a member of the opposite sex, the member is usually considered, in your personal opinion, to be of lesser aesthetic quality than you? Or, in another scenario, you catch yourself staring at someone of the opposite sex because they are just so ugly (this is an extreme facial profiling case where the image cannot be readily registered within the one to two second time frame due to massive vulgarity)?

Whichever the case, getting stared at or doing the staring, both require travel on a two-way street. Realization or confirmation of staring requires a bit of staring on your own part (just as I had to glance at the pedorassic conductor-man). Overall, this sucks! It sucks because it just may give off the impression that
you are interested. So many times I have stared at an ugly girl for masochistic reasons only to realize that she may be thinking that I like her. So many times I have caught an ugly girl staring at me only to realize that my awkward glances in her direction may give off the impression that I am welcoming this putrid invasion of visual privacy.

So take care to reel in those wandering eyes, because they just might catch someone over there lookin' at

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Miz said...

the thing about the ugly girl is actually true. I was gonna make a post about it. But maybe I won't. Maybe I will, I dunno.